Shoving grandkids in my face. [rant]

On mobile and don’t know how to flair from there sorry 😦

My dad’s childhood friend is visiting. He’s a few years older and had several more kids then my dad did (I’m an only child and my parents had me in their 30s) I’m 22.

Out of nowhere, dad’s friend starts showing pictures of his 4 grandkids from one kid, all looked 4 and under. Honestly looking at that picture made me feel a little nauseous, 4 kids in 4 years? Poor mother! I just smiled and said they’re cute to be polite, but then everyone at the table starts giving me that “look”, I’m sure you all know the one. They didn’t just show me and move on, they kept talking in an obvious tone about how they’re “so cute” and “have such a personality” and “you’ll be so happy when you have yours.”

Dude, look. I’m 22. I live with my parents still. I’m starting college in the fall after a long break due to mental illness (which turns out was caused by my period and constant birth control is the only thing that keeps me from becoming horribly suicidal). Even if I wanted kids, I’m too young and obviously in no place to have any kids anytime soon. They didn’t even ask if I had a boyfriend, which I don’t. I’m also asexual, so there’s that.

I love how people just jump straight to kids, since I’m a woman, I must want to pop them out as soon as possible. Didn’t ask about school, work, or my art. Just straight to popping out babies. I hate this world so much. I’m more then my uterus.

Submitted April 15, 2018 at 12:53PM by benisagirlname


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