[Rant] Does it come from a lack of basic respect?

For me, having a child would be the single thing that would completely devastate my life. It would contrast everything I am, and everything I want from life. It would actually prevent me from living a fulfilling life. Not that the reasons behind that need explaining here, and not that I would ever mock/insult/judge someone else for having the opposing views.

Right, now THIS is what I don't understand. Why then, with the above said, the whole bit about having a child revoking my ability to enjoy life, do people think that they even have a right to comment on that? In my opinion, folks who make it personal and start to put someone down or invalidate their (or any opposing, non-harmful opinion for that matter), fundamentally disrespect that person, and show extreme ignorance to others' desires, dreams, and life in general. It's almost sociopathic.

Any thoughts on this?

Submitted April 15, 2018 at 01:25AM by DohvahQuiin https://ift.tt/2HkE2pc


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