Belgian Television has achieved a milestone in pro-hijab propaganda: “schools shouldn’t interfear with basic religious rights by banning hijab”

Preface: a state school was ordered to let 11 young girls (age 12) to wear their hijab to school inspite their ban on all religious symbols. This caused quite the stir in the debate because when a judge rules that specific people can ignore a rule that counts for everyone, it will cause more division. Other muslim parents can go to court now and achive the same override for their kid. Those are the parents that actually want to impose the hijab on their children because it's written in islam.

So needless to say this situation actually causes the very religious division that the ban tries to avoid. Because religious neutrality is good in public life.

So there was a debate on this on belgian tv, and it was between famous Iranian activist Darya Safai and a women who has been the head of our catholic education organisation here in Belgium.

Darya defended public neutrality, and ofcourse the other woman defended the right for girls to express their religiousness and wear whatever religious symbol they like. As a society we shouldn't impose limits on the religious rights of people, she said.

When Darya Safai said that the whole point of #hijab is to subjugate the woman as a sexual element and to discriminate against her, and a young girl can't make that choise for herself.

The catholic woman replied: "I see so many hijabi's who arent oppressed and call themself free," or "Not long ago, a catholic women couldn't marry an unbeliever".

This was pretty much the level of the debate. There was no time to go deeper and discuss the package deal that comes with hijab because the woman was literally takfiring a progresive immigrant woman with a muslim background. She went all Justin Trudeau on her and said that we as a society shouldn't impose rules on people on schools that restrict their religion. Ofcourse a catholic woman would say that, they've done the same in history. But to use this as an argument to avoid criticizing the consequences from people imposing hijab on their children was pretty profoundly hypocritical to me. And the debate lost all meaing because of this. Discuss!

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