Fuck the FCC for other reasons than net neutrality.

Who here remembers analog OTA television? Probably nobody because you're a spoiled brat and had cable tv since you were born.

Anyways in 2009 they shut that shit off for no reason at all other than "hurr durr digital is a better technology" Fuck that shit, all the good stations moved to cable, and now there's only 10 channels and all of those are for 80 YEAR OLDS!

I feel like the FCC were just trying to make a profit off the now huge vacancy in frequency slots. Keep in mind this rant is coming from a person who is stuck in 1985 and still owns CRT's, so take this with NOT ONE FUCKING GRAIN OF SALT. You may think of me as one of those "Back in my day" grandads but i'm not. Fuck you, I love technology old and new, and when a staple of my childhood, a technology that has worked perfectly since NineteenFuckingFiftyThree gets taken away from hundreds of millions of people, let alone me, you bet I'll get pissed. Not to mention the hundreds of millions of analog televisions that are rendered worthless unless you buy a shitty converter box, imagine the profit the FCC has now.

DTV sucks, and Ajit can succ my ass.

Submitted February 14, 2018 at 05:23AM by No_drinks http://ift.tt/2GbTO1c


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