Dealing with a difficult hearing person, do y’all have any advice?

I’m currently a HoH (deaf) university student in the United States. Normally, I’m very self-sufficient and don’t have a problem standing up to authority figures who don’t respect my deafness.

However, my department head for my major is a completely different beast. Before he found out I was deaf, he treated me like normal, but upon discovering that I had a hearing loss, proceeded to bash me as an individual and make derogatory comments about d/Deaf & blind individuals. This culminated in him giving a 20 minute rant about how my major naturally weeds out disabled people (which is incorrect), how making accommodations are a waste of time, bragging about how only 12 deaf people graduated with this major since he first started teaching at this university, and more. He’s also implied that I have lesser intelligence than most of the university students.

Normally, I’d just cut him out of my life and move on from his ignorance, but he’s the coach of a competitive team that I’m quite passionate about. What ways could I potentially handle this situation? I think it’s important that he learns how he’s being rude so that students after me don’t have to suffer from his ignorance, but I don’t want to damage my standing within the department. I know there will be more people like him down the road, and I’d love to hear how others have handled similar situations!

Submitted January 13, 2018 at 04:35PM by gallinula


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