I went over ‘the limit’

So for the past 3 years i have been best friends with this girl from my university. I'm kind of a foreigner here so it was hard for me to find roommates that i could get along with, who didn't judge or act differently just because i wasn't born in the same place as everyone here… i mean it's the Balkans and some neighboring countries have similar languages, so i speak the same language with a different accent in my own country…the first three years here i lived constantly with a girl i hated, just because she was from the same country as me, and another girl who then finished her studies and we needed another roommate. During my third year i became friends with the girl i'm ranting about who happens to be one of my best friends right now and my roommate of two years. I had discussed the possibility of her moving in with me and 'the one who should not be named' or the ex roommate that i hated. She is a native here but she liked me a lot and she had no friends to live with so she started roomming with us. After we decided that she move in with me the next school year(after my other roommate moved out), she went and started dating my guy best friend(who i had a crush on for the three years i was here) and they didn't tell me. After i came back from home after staying there for a week, she asked me to meet her at a nearby coffee shop and she told me that she had been dating him but they had broken up. You can imagine how shitty i felt because… i mean i really loved this girl, i wanted her to be my best friend, but she was so hurt by my other beat friend who i wouldn't trade for the world and i also i had a pathetic crush on him. Still i tried to comfort her even though it was midterms and i had to study a lot. I went to her apartment and made her eat, sleep, hugged her while she cried… we weren't THAT close at the time. My other best friend aka crush who had been an amazing friend and helped me during my depressive periods and helped me stop self harming would constantly urge me to go and take care of her too. Turns out the break up was more her fault than his, even though he was taking all the blame. Two years later and i'm still living with this girl, we are best friends, both my best friends relationship has improved and it feels like at the beginning adding some awkward situations where their relationship is brought up. I can't hang out with just my guy beat friend anymore because she keeps inviting herself to our outings despite the fact that she started talking to him again just five months ago. She gets drunk and texts him, she also rants to me about how she still has feelings for him, she tells me she knew i had feelings for him too but she had decided to be selfish… she doesnt remember anything in the morning when she wakes up. I never tell her. She has a terrible attitude… most of the time she yells at me, she yells at her parents over the phone, yells at everyone except her ex bf(my bestfriend). Even when i'm in a bad mood and say something kind of indifferently, she goes from a happy mood to a foul one and starts finding reasons to argue. I can't enjoy my time the way i want bc she is always there, if not with me physically, she texts me all the time and gets angry if i don't reply, like if she was my bf. She also has a problem with my bisexuality.

Yesterday i shot a funny video of her singing a song horribly and i had to screenshot a part where she made a funny face. We went out at a coffee shop with the guy, and with her consent i showed him the funny pic. He asked me to send him some funny pics of our friends, and along with 15other funny pics of our other friends and myself, i sent that photo(of her in obnoxious orange pajamas, looking at me like a 12year old high on marijuana) and when she found out she caused a scene in the middle of the street yelling about how i could send her pic to someone else without her consent, but the way she was talking sounded like i sold her nude picture to a 86year old pervert for 50cents and people in the street looked at me like i was some kind of a scumbag. I let her talk and take her anger out but she wouldn't stop… she was talking to me like i had done the most terrible thing on the world that she just couldn't forgive, bitch had the nerve to say who knows how many other pictures of her i had sent to the guy(like he would care abut any of her pics) or other guys. And i don't want to sound like a douche but i failed my exams bc i wanted to help her, i gave up on the guy i am in love with for her, i went and sold a bag of blood to someone who needed it bc i had no money for her birthday present, i cook for her, clean for her… she is a fucking spoiled brat who cheats on her exams or 'buys' an awesome grade bc she has tons of money, dated my crush when she knew i liked him, didn't even wish me a happy birthday, on contrary she made me cry that day, yells at me, doesn't even clean up after herself, doesn't comfort me when i am sad only proceeds to make me angry as well… i don't even know what to do anymore, i'm done with this shit

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