Real brief but I got no where else to go right now.

I am at work. It's a small office, just 3 people total. I sit on the other side of a divider from someone who is basically the living embodiment of a fucking Goblin.

Chubby, disheveled, droopy eyed, AND FULL OF FUCKING SNOT.

Like…I am to the point I don't know if I can take it any more.

The dude is fucking disgusting. Fat, sloppy, occasionally smelly, always bad breath, loud, stupid and worst of all….perpetually congested!! Like…to a degree I've never seen.

Now I fully recognize that I am, by and large, an asshole. I try not to be, I genuinely hate when I treat people poorly and it stays with me (often for years or even decades – no exaggeration) and I review these moments every time I start feeling like I might need a reality check. Helps me remember that I am The Worst, and therefore normal people wouldn't react in the way that I intend to.

That being said, I tend to go off on small stuff. I don't mean to, it's just…I don't know, it happens. I can't contain my rage sometimes.

And I know I'm an asshole here, cause I think the guy is a fucking borderline legit retard. So I haven't said anything. But its getting now to the point I just can't and I know I am going to explode.

There is no where else I can sit, nowhere else he can sit, nothing can be done. And I know my anger and lash-outs are wearing thin with my company, but all day. ALL FUCKING DAY

I hear sniffing. Snorting. Choking. Swallowing. CATCHING OF BREATH FROM THE EXPERIENCE. Sniffing. Choking. ….. and so forth. He has to catch his breath when eating, every meal he eats is slurped. He slurps fucking salad like its soup. Then he coughs and contracts his esophageal muscles to a decibel I think most bone-breaks don't reach. I CAN HEAR THE BUBBLES POPPING AS I WRITE THIS

I am seriously so close to vomiting.

I don't know what to do. This is the best paying job I've ever had. I can't live like this though. One of us has to go….

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I uhh… I just don’t get it… I really don’t.

All the complaining is ridiculous. (Not all of the negative comments are complaining I get that) Maybe because I have invented things, made things from the ground up and innovated on many other things I have a different perspective on what the patches in Monolith are attempting to accomplish. As to why these (at times) drastic sways from one thing to another in nearly every minor form from hard CC, to stuns, to power, base this base that, regens etc etc etc. I know this has been said countless times on here but it's still Beta… They are seeing what is possible at this point in time with the game still figuring out what works and what doesn't. We ARE the play testers, we are the bug exterminators, we are the ones who are making the game better by letting them makes these changes and showing them thru data and our comments what works and what doesn't. (Clever way to do for free what used to cost a great deal in the "old days") I admit, I did not play Legacy, I installed the game just as Monolith hit so I can only imagine what a close minded Legacy player thinks about the game in it's current state after watching many many videos on Legacy and reading posts on what was what in Legacy. That's the key tho, we all, as the ones who are doing the grunt work by having fun with our friends playing games, have to also stay open minded and accept that until the men and women (at least I think they hire women) that work on this game get what they want and need to finalize this project, we are going to continue to see these changes. When you make something, something of your own, you don't make just one… you make many of them trying to improve on it. Some of those attempts are flops, but thru those flops you can make a big splash! Sorry for the rant, GLHF out there!

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Crying because there were no chunks in my halo top fml

Not even kidding, I'm such a fucking slave to this BS. DAE get upset when they "waste" calories on something they thought would be good but turns out to be unsatisfying?

Had a bunch of social obligations all week and did SO FUCKING good eating only as much as I had to and no more and not eating otherwise. Finally I get to pick my dinner, obviously Halo Top, pick the Mochi Green Tea…

THERE IS NOT ONE FUCKING MOCHI CHUNK IN THE WHOLE CONTAINER. Fucking wasted 320 calories. Not sure when I'm going to get to eat something I actually want to eat again. Thanksgiving looms and fuck all of those foods/eating in front of people, tbh.

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My Dad’s Stalking is Out of Control

Hello everybody. I found this forum when I searched “Stalked by my dad” and I decided to post because I don’t know what to do. I guess this is more of a rant than a question, but I’m very frustrated.

My narcissistic dad started stalking me when I was a teenager (I’m 32 now). He was abusive, an alcoholic, etc. He started doing small things like driving by the basketball courts when I was there with my friends or constantly driving by my friend’s house if he knew I was there, and it gradually increased to him waiting at the end of the driveway for me anytime I wasn’t at home, literally for hours.

We both live in a really small town of 2,500 people so everybody knows everybody, and he uses that as a way of finding out what I’m up to. The man is 75 and has never turned on a computer let alone used the internet, yet he can find out every piece of information about me instantly as if he was a private investigator or something – it’s insane!

Well, a couple months ago I got married and I did not invite him. He only met my wife once and that was when he got word that we go for walks every night on the road outside our house (he did not know where we lived exactly, but someone must have told him they saw me walking) so he drove up and down the street the entire day waiting to see us walking so that he could find us. I know he was doing this because multiple neighbors called the cops (my friend is a cop and told me – again, very small town!) after seeing him driving up and down the road for hours and also parking on the side of the road for hours waiting to see us. My wife was very uncomfortable with him and his antics so I did not invite him to the wedding…I didn’t want him there anyway so it was fine by me. In fact, I did not propose to my wife as soon as I had wanted and it was 100% due to the fact that I didn’t know how to deal with my dad and the wedding.

He has also, on more than one occasion, found out who my bosses were at my job and then figured out where they like to go out for drinks on weekends, and then he went there every weekend until they showed up so that he could ask them if I was good at my job or not. I came in one Monday morning and my boss told me he cornered them at a restaurant asking them if I’m good at my job, if I’m know what I’m doing, and if people like me there…and he said the waitress told them that this guy (my dad) has been coming there for weeks just sitting by himself.

He of course found out the next day that we got married and now his stalking is out of control. At first he started driving up and down our road a lot more frequently (dozens of times a day). Eventually, he found out exactly where our house was, which is a private road that has all of my wife’s family living on it, and he started driving into our driveway and just parking there for long periods of time and staring into our front window. He does this pretty much every day and just sits there staring into our house. My wife’s grandma says he drives into the driveway while we are both at work and sits there for an hour staring at our house. Now, just recently, it has escalated to him getting out of his car and knocking on the doors of every house that is on our private road in order to try and find me. I’ve told everybody to not answer the door and do not engage him.

I have a brother and sister who both live in the area as well and he doesn’t do this to them. He’s never really stalked them at all, it has always been me. I think it’s because they have always just “given in” and eventually just talked to him, whereas I refuse to. I think his narcissistic personality won’t allow him to accept the fact that I won’t cave and talk to him. The more I avoid him, the crazier he gets with his stalking. Just a couple days ago he cornered a guy at the gas station who I worked with 10 years ago and asked him why I didn’t invite him to my wedding and wanted to fight the guy when he said he hadn’t seen me in 10 years and didn’t know I got married. It’s nuts.

Here is what makes everything so weird: He doesn’t even want anything. The few times he has managed to successfully corner me somewhere, all he does is say “How’s is going?” and that’s it! This makes me think he is stalking me just because he knows how uncomfortable it makes me feel or something. I think it makes him feel powerful. Or maybe he’s such a narcissist that just cornering me and asking me how’s it going is a “win” for him because he got what he wanted and I didn’t.

Has anybody dealt with something like this before??

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I switched from Google Chrome to FireFox Quantum (Analysis)

I love the Google ecosystem, everything just works. So if you asked me to switch to Firefox before, I would of laughed. That is until I heard about Quantum. Benchmarks showed the "speed" of it, so I mainly installed it just to prove it wrong. Note that I installed it on the day before release (13th). But OMGosh, it's fast. Like, "Bye Google, yo slow bro" fast. So I put it on my slow laptop, and it was about on par with Google. But there was a difference, and it involved battery. Yes, Firefox traded it's speed increase on my desktop for a battery jump on my laptop. I ran a few benchmarks, and it ran smother and faster on the websites I use more (i.e. Google, Reddit, Youtube). There are only a few things to change for perfection.

  • The UI is ugly as Internet Explorer. The rectangle tabs stand out, and I wish they were more like Chrome's rounded edge tabs.

  • Start up speed is pretty slow, and I'm not sure why. It takes a couple seconds just to open VS chrome feels like it was just minimized before.

  • Allow more customization to the address bar area.

Overall, I will be using Firefox from now on. Hats off to you Mozilla!

/end rant

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I hate thanksgiving

before i rant, i'd like to acknowledge that thanksgiving break is awesome. But it's not worth the price.

Thanksgiving is a horrible holiday. Its origins are the announcement of a "thanksgiving" by the governor of mass. John Winthrop to celebrate the return of a party that went out to kill hundreds of native americans. all the sharing is pure propaganda. when people celebrate these holidays, they perpetuate structural violence against native americans. This spills over into oppressing other minorities. Join me boyos in a push to spread information about the reality of the holiday and a boycott of celebration.

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Microsoft support ….

…just hung up on me. Could not answer my call and jumped out of the remote support.

1:49 PM Remote Control by Manikandan stopped. 1:49 PM Manikandan has ended the session.

trying to find a phone number…? Try 1 (877) 568-2495. When given the chance, don't answer home, answer business.

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