Recently relapsed, help suggest me some vendors/strains

So i was supposed to go to mexico to do ibogaine treatment, normally costs $6500, the owner who i know and did treatment with in 2015 offered me a huge discount if i get someone to come and pay full price, well my friend said yes.

my friend flaked.

took the little money i had and took 3 family members on a 'vacation' to mexico, I thought at the very least I could at least stop at the clinic and say hi to the 2 owners or whatever, well i guess they were really busy and couldnt see me, along with other stressing factors, I went on a weeklong bender……. the whole trip i highly regret.

I thought I might have even been able to get a job in the clinic and stay out there for a while as they have offered in the past.


anyways now that my rant is done, most kratom is pretty weak on me even from good vendors. Any suggestions?

dg or w/e one needs email acct verification never responded

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Journaling/daily “check in” apps?

I’m looking for an app where I can pick emotions for the day, enter notes, etc. Basically a journal on my phone. I have been bottling so much stuff inside and need to get it out somehow, but feel like such a burden. I have a paper journal but I can’t seem to keep up with it. I type out rants/raves here and then erase or never post because I think I sound pathetic and annoying. Sometimes I type in my phone’s notepad but that has become kind of meh.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Submitted April 23, 2018 at 03:51AM by ohlookadoggo

A bit of arin hypocrisy that irked me in Mario Maker 143 (applies to OOT and MM too)

Arin during the infamous Sequelitis on Ocarina of Time:

There is. So much… GODDDAMN waiting in this game!

(I don't wanna watch his video to find the timestamp you all know what I'm talking about)

Arin playing Ross' level that mostly consists of waiting for blocks to be broken by Skewers or waiting to hit a turtle shell to break other blocks while also waiting for a clear path from the random chance spell casting of the Koopa Wizards, or waiting for a fire cheep cheep to hit a bob-omb:

This is a real clever idea. It took a real know how of the mechanics of Mario… ooooh no it didn't work!

Fuck you Arin… Again, I know bigger rants came from the episodes put out yesterday but your blatant hypocrisy and contradiction of self and game design ideas are fucking absurd.

And a double fuck you for saying this level has good Mario mechanics. It doens't. 2D Mario levels are about:

1) getting to the end as quick as possible while avoiding or killing enemies

2) Collecting coins (and the Star Coins in later games) for points.

That's it. Most actual Mario levels are designed around those two things. While there are undoubtedly puzzle levels incorporated into the main games (Super Mario Bros. 3 comes to mind with the maze castle where you had to enter doors in a certain order, or that one level where you had to get a tanooki suit and fly up that chamber with a turtle shell to break blocks to the real exit, or that other scrolling castle level where you had to choose the right of three paths) but those are few and far between. These puzzle levels Ross and others make have far more to do with route trial and error like I Wanna Be The Guy than any actual "Mario mechanics"… At first I was gonna flair this as a Minor Rant but I'm gonna bump it up one notch.

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[serious] I’ve been disliking this subreddit recently

I feel like instead of discussing things and having actual conversations about the show, it’s turned into a form of cyber bullying and just hating on people for no good reason. I really started getting bothered with the Libby posts; ya the situation was bad with Arie’s decision, and maybe the pictures we’re a little over the top, but some of the posts were going way too far.

Now at the top of the page there’s the post of Lesley and Ben (and some other girl). I went through the comments and people are aggressively complaining about how they dressed for a party that is LITERALLY for a good cause. Just let them live their life and stop criticizing small things like what they wear!

If I was on the bachelor/ette, I would hate going on this subreddit because of what it’s turned into. I feel like I see people always commenting on things like contestant’s acne, or weight, when thats something that’s hard to manage in the first place, and we shouldn’t be tearing them down when they’re struggling with that. People always say they want to “empower” the men/women, but this is the exact opposite.

Now, I know that reddit is a place to speak your mind and comment whatever you may, but look at some of the stuff posted from an outside perspective and how the people you’re talking about would perceive it. Some contestants are obviously pretty disliked people for actual reasons (i.e. Rubby. Jasmine for her bullying, Josh Murray), but most of the other contestants haven’t done something comparable to that and don’t deserve this cyber bullying. Just something to think about.

Thanks for letting me rant! Happy posting and happy Earth day 🙂

Submitted April 23, 2018 at 03:52AM by xRaehea

I hate America race bullshit

So I was at youth shelter one time and I thought I was going to get jumped by a group of guys. Literally I called the cops they came one cop ask me what am I I say biracial as am in the cop car he literally announces over to the radio that he has a black male in the back seat? Wtf? The fact that it’s 2018 and America still doesn’t acknowledge mixed race people is just sad. I get it it’s about what I look like but if you thought I was black why the fuck ask me what I am???

Submitted April 23, 2018 at 03:52AM by Lancaster19

A tall rant on straws

I hate is when people ask for straws in their hot drinks. It's usually old people, so part of me has room to assume they find it easier for them; maybe they are weak and have trouble holding up hoy liquids. However, that does not change my views overall, and I always hand it out to them with the warning facing them, because it warps and melts the straws. But if you want to go against a warning label, go ahead. Man, but I feel so guilty when I accidentally drop straws, because then we have to throw it away; it takes those things 200 years to decompose. The dream (for me) would be to change our straws to paper-based or recycled material. Or get rid of them entirely. The only downside would be dealing with the irrational customers and helping them grt through their first world problems.

Submitted April 23, 2018 at 03:54AM by Doobledeedoop

Salty Sunday – Rage Rants and complaints

Have you been the one missing the Mewtwo EX raidpass? Maybe you haven't been lucky the whole week and that damn raid Tyrannitar ran and everyone else caught him.

Or the worst part, maybe it's monday again?!


Here we rant about everything that goes wrong, someone who sniped a gymspot (  ̄Д ̄), a missed Tyrannitar again (ಠ_ಠ) or that stupid bug which made you miss your raid because of the server desync, ending the raid prematurely (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

No personal insults, no trolls and provocation but all salty stuff is accepted.

  • Only salty posts allowed ( ಠ_ಠ )

  • No uncivilty or personal information allowed. ☜(`o´)

  • Complaints can be posted here as well, agree that stuff needs to change here as well, like the spawn rate or gym bugs.


Don't forget to hydrate after all the salt!

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